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Leaving a Bequest to The Winnipeg Humane Society

 The Shelter Society

When you tell us about your bequest you become a member of our Shelter Society

Animals give us so much love and companionship and ask for so little in return. When you make the decision to leave a bequest in your will – you are giving something back. You are giving back a gift of life to literally thousands of animals. To show our appreciation for this incredible life giving gift we have established the Shelter Society.

Once you have advised us that we are included in your Will, we will extend an invitation to you to be a member of this very special group of people.

You can advise us by any of these options:

  • Writing a letter to the Director of Development at The Winnipeg Humane Society advising of your intent to make a bequest
  • Provide a copy of the relevant portion of your Will Provide a confirming letter from your solicitor
  • Checking off the appropriate box on any of our Direct Mail letters

For further information, please contact:

Christine Boult
Director of Development
Phone: (204) 982-2029







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