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 Corporate Partnerships

Your company can make a difference - with the Winnipeg Humane Society!

The Winnipeg Humane Society is a well-loved companion animal welfare organization with an exceptional reputation and a solid history dating back more than 100 years. We enjoy extensive media coverage and we have an excellent track record of working in partnership with corporate organizations both to the benefit of The WHS and to the business benefit of the organization we partner.

Benefits include: Creative programs that include marketing campaigns and PR drives aimed at your target audience to increase brand awareness, reinforce your brand image or to increase sales. A relevant community partnership to add to your overall CSR portfolio to differentiate your brand from the competition and to create brand loyalty and product credibility.

WHS corporate employee involvement opportunities with particular focus on employee development to help attract and retain employees.

Through our corporate branding program or our events – your organization and employees will directly benefit from the goodwill generated by being involved with The WHS

Download our Corporate Partnership Brochure

or contact:

Director of Development                     
Christine Boult                                   






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